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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Would You Like Fries with Your E Coli?

The movie Super Size Me is one on the best movies I’ve ever seen. I think it should be required viewing for everyone who suffer from illnesses that are related to obesity. I rarely eat in fast food now, but every so often I fall off the wagon. Sometimes a girl needs a Quarter Pounder with cheese.

Last night I went to McDonalds, and I learned that people really freak out when you use the words “raw hamburger” and E Coli in the same sentence when you are standing at the counter at a fast-food counter. I was really looking forward to my forbidden treat, but I lost my appetite after I bit into my hamburger. It was blood red in the center. I walked up to the crowded front counter and I asked to speak to the manager. I had just read a newspaper story about a recall of hamburger related to E Coli, and I wanted him to be aware of what was coming out of his kitchen. I’ve cared for patients with food poisoning before, I just wanted to keep people from getting sick. The manager’s jaw dropped when he looked at my hamburger, and customers waiting to place their order turned and walked out of the restaurant. He apologized multiple times, and offered me anything I wanted off of the menu. I told him I wanted a refund, and I went home.

I’m back on my diet now. Thanks, McDonalds.


Blogger jaz said...

Hamburger tartare is a dicey proposition in the best of circumstances.

At Mickey D's, it is definitely asking for trouble.

8:25 PM  
Blogger BillyBob said...


4:33 PM  
Blogger kario said...

Umm, thanks for curbing my appetite for a quarter pounder. I wish I could say I'd stick to salad this weekend, but I'm frankly frightened of spinach and e. coli, too. Perhaps turkey jerky is my only option?

11:26 PM  

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