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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stop the Presses!

It looks like something big is happening in the newsroom. I was studying journalism, but I gave it up when they told me I had to be able to run a three-minute mile. Look at those newspapermen run without breaking a sweat. They sure look excited about something. I bet they are running to check out Grand Rounds and Change of Shift. You should run and check them out, too.

There’s a lot of breaking news out in the blogosphere. The big news is about Adrienne Zurub. She is a nurse who worked at the Cleveland Clinic for twenty-six years. Then she got fired. Why? She wrote a book about her life. Needless to say, her former employer was not amused by Adrienne's thoughts about working as a nurse. Adrienne speaks for every nurse who has seen abuses in the health care system. Adrienne is a nursing hero. Good luck getting your hands on her book. The last time I looked it was sold out on

Chris Seper, the online medical editor at The Plain Dealer, the daily newspaper in Cleveland, Ohio, wrote to me and said that his paper had just published an article about Adrienne. Chris was shadowing a surgery team at the clinic when one of the nurses pulled him aside and filled him in on what happened to Adrienne. Here’s a link to the story about Adrienne, written by Michael K. McIntyre, and here’s a link to excerpts from Adrienne’s book. Michael and Chris are good newspapermen. I bet they can run a three-minute mile.


Blogger Orthette said...

Wow. I followed the link, and some of the comments posted to the article about Ms. Zurub were sickening. I feel badly for her.

5:34 PM  

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