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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I’m Coming Out

Are you old enough to remember Pat Boone? I remember watching his TV show back in the 1950s on our family's old black and white TV. We used an old fashioned antenna that sat on top of the television so we could get better reception. The antenna looked like a set of bunny ears with tin foil hanging from their tips. The Pat Boon Show was sponsored by Chevrolet, so when my dad bought his 1958 Chevrolet Biscayne, I named the car Pat Boone. What can I say, I was only four years old and I thought that any guy that drank milk, and sang songs to me from inside of a television set was cool.

I picked up this book up at a local thrift shop, and after reading it, I can understand why the book’s previous owner gave it away. Let’s just say that it was far from being a work of great literature. You may be asking yourself why I’ve posted a picture of this book on my blog. Well, I’m coming out of the closet. No, not that closet, I’m coming out of the blogger closet. Nursing Jobs. Org has launched a nursing column that features a different nurse blogger each day of the week. Writers include Kim McAllister from Emergiblog, Susan McNicholas from Donor Cycle, and Labor Nurse from the Life and Times of a Labor Nurse. I’m launching my feature column, Following the Leaders, on May 10th, and like Kim and Susan, I’m dropping the veil of anonymity. I'll always be Mother Jones RN at Nurse Ratched's Place, but when when my web guy, Shane, asked me to write under my real identity at Nursing Jobs. Org, I couldn't refuse his request.

Come visit us at Nursing Jobs. Org. We’ll be looking for you.


Blogger Donna said...

Loved Pat Boone. He was a member of the same kind of church as my family, so he was highly approved at our house. We had a '58 Chevy too. I was 14 at the time, though.

6:14 AM  
Blogger Cliffie said...

I was a young deejay in Flint, Michigan when Pat Boone got hot. I can still see those 45's spinning on the turntables.
That was long before anybody heard of Michael Moore and his feud with GM for destroying that town when they pulled out. Your outcoming makes me ask a serious question that has made me nervous ever since I found your blog. Are you in danger of getting the old pink slip for revealing the terrible truth about the lousy state of the health care business?

7:17 AM  
Blogger Mother Jones RN said...

Hi Cliffie:

I'm always in danger of getting a pink slip, but not because of my blog. Nurses are the ones to get fired if anything goes wrong on their unit. We are expendable, and we are often the fall guy when things go wrong in the hospital.

I've never hidden the fact that I have a blog from my employer, and I've always invited my boss to read my blog. I've always been an outspoken individual. I've given testomony about health care issues in our state in front of our state legislature, and I've lobby for changes in the health care system on Capitol Hill. If I am ever told to stop blogging, I'll quit my job and move on. I'm a writer and a political activist. That's just who I am, and I cannnot and will not change.


7:51 AM  
Blogger Angry Nurse said...

Great news on the new gig!

Look forward to reading your “out of the closet” observations

12:25 PM  
Blogger Runs With Scissors said...


8:16 PM  
Blogger The Curmudgeon said...

My employer knows about my blog too... oh, wait, I'm self-employed.

You're very brave.

9:18 PM  
Blogger Lea said...

I enjoyed reading your coming out article and I agree that you are very brave.

Congrats on your new gig.

10:21 AM  

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