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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Change of Shift: Volume 1, Number 16

Change of Shift is up at Emergiblog. Kim put together another set of great posts. I also want to thank her for supporting legislation that is pending in Congress that would establish the Office of the National Nurse. The National Nursing Network Organization is now officially a PAC (Political Action Committee, 501, C-4), and they are urgently seeking donations to help offset travel expenses as they journey to Washington lobbying for the Office of National Nurse. Please visit the National Nurse website to see how you can help.

I will be hosting the next Change of Shift on February 8th. Please send your post to nurseratchedsplace at yahoo dot com. Deadline for submissions is February 6th. The theme is about relationships, and how you relate to other people in the workplace. This is a broad subject and can include interactions you have with patients and their family members, doctors, nurses, or anyone else you come into contact with at work.



Anonymous N=1 said...

Is your email spelled correctly? I'm submitting, but it's bouncing. Just checking - and thanks for hosting again!

2:59 PM  

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